Weekend Schedule


Little Lady cruising the harborOur vessel, the Little Lady, departs for the following locations:

  • Liberty Landing Marina
    Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Warren Street
    Jersey City, New Jersey

  • World Financial Center Terminal
    New York, New York


Departs Liberty Landing Departs Warren Street Departs World Financial Center Terminal Departs Warren Street
9:00am 9:02am 9:15am 9:25am
9:30am 9:32am 9:45am 9:55am
10:00am 10:02am 10:15am 10:25am
10:30am 10:32am 10:45am 10:55am
11:00am 11:02am 11:15am 11:25am
11:30am 11:32am 11:45am 11:55am
12:00pm 12:02pm 12:15pm 12:25pm
12:30pm 12:32pm 12:45pm 12:55pm
1:00pm 1:02pm 1:15pm 1:25pm
1:30pm 1:32pm 1:45pm 1:55pm
2:00pm 2:02pm 2:15pm 2:25pm
2:30pm 2:32pm 2:45pm 2:55pm
3:00pm 3:02pm 3:15pm 3:25pm
3:30pm 3:32pm 3:45pm 3:55pm
4:00pm 4:02pm 4:15pm 4:25pm
4:30pm 4:32pm 4:45pm 4:55pm
5:00pm 5:02pm 5:15pm 5:25pm
5:30pm 5:32pm 5:45pm 5:55pm
6:00pm 6:02pm 6:15pm 6:25pm
6:30pm 6:32pm 6:45pm 6:55pm
7:00pm 7:02pm 7:15pm 7:25pm
7:30pm 7:32pm 7:45pm 7:55pm


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9/11 Memorial Museum Tickets

Ticket Fares

Adult $7.00 $14.00
Children 7-12 $5.00 $10.00
Children 6 and under FREE FREE
Seniors $6.00 $12.00
Warren Street to
Liberty Landing Marina
$2.00 $4.00
Liberty Landing Marina
to Warren Street
$2.00 $4.00
Booklet of 10 Trips $55.00
Savings of $15!
Monthly Cost
Only $220
Savings of $60!


Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
6:00am - 8:45pm

Saturday - Sunday
9:00am - 7:45pm


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